All services have one thing in common: a focus on creating something for the customer enjoyed by all who use it. A guest satisfaction survey is designed precisely to help property management do just that – figure out how well their property or homestay meets guest needs so they know where improvements need to be made. The market of property management changes constantly but these surveys will keep up with trend in Miri. And now, you can now have the power to take a more in-depth look at their thoughts and feelings on your property by conducting guest satisfaction surveys. The feedback allows us as property owners to make any necessary changes for future clients so we may maximize our business while making them happy! Hence, Evernent will share on the importance of guest satisfaction survey for those who are managing their own property or using a service like us.


It Gives Owners Insight into Guests’ Thoughts 

In addition to getting valuable feedback from guests who stay with your rental property or homestay, you are able to experience what is important or worrisome when staying in an unfamiliar place away from home. Whether it be something such as internet access or simply parking spots available – these are concerns of which property management could never relate.


You Can Determine Your Priorities

It’s difficult to know which aspects of your property or homestay are most important because sometimes what you think they guests like might be different from what their interests really are. But with a guest satisfaction survey, you can determine the priorities for each aspect so that you have a better idea on where to focus next for your property improvement.


You Can Track Changes In Feedback

One of the greatest advantages to survey tools is being able to track changes in customer feedback and determine where you went wrong. For example, if your January surveys are full of good results and with high occupancy rate in Airbnb but then February’s come back predominantly negative with March even worse, this will let you know that it has something to do with policies introduced during those months.


You Can Identify Trends

By utilizing guest satisfaction surveys, you can stay ahead of the curve and fully identify any changes in trends.


Surveys are important, but guests want action. Guests will give feedback on their experience with their stay in your property if they know that it’s going to make an impact and change something for the better! With  guest satisfaction surveys, you can not only understand what your guests need and you can provide them with the best possible service in return, but also rank higher in property management markets in Miri by getting insight into how other people feel about staying in your property.