Miri, Sarawak, a beautiful place that is a gateway to surrounding national beaches and occasionally hosts the enchanting Blue Tears too. All the beaches are free to enter and have a lot of breathtaking views. You can get your camera ready to save your lovely memories with these kinds of views and hence, Evernent (a property management company in Miri) will bring you on a virtual tour around the beaches in Miri.

Tanjong Lobang Beach

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Tanjong Lobang Beach is a beach that is located near to the town which is about five kilometers. There is a condo just beside the beach called The Bay Resort. It is the oldest recreation beach park but still is the local and tourists favorite spot to chill and relax. Tanjung Lobang has one of the best sunsets in Miri and the view with two piers extend out into the sea. Start from Dec 2020, Tanjung Lobang Drive-Thru started to operate, it is an idea that you can drive through the food trucks to buy all the delicious local food. 

Tusan Beach 

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Photo by Albert Song

Tusan Beach is a paradise for beach lovers because of its unpolluted ocean, beautiful views, and cliffs, It is located 40km away from the town. For the people who love to watch the sunset, there are a few benches that have been arranged on top of the cliff. There are some stalls that sell local food and drink. Tusan Beach has a natural phenomenon, known locally as ‘blue tears’, which occurs here when a type of plankton produces a blue luminescence in the seawater at night when the conditions are right. In the night, the ocean will glow in the dark in blue color. 

Lutong Beach

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By Cheetho

Lutong beach started to be popular nowadays due to its variety of street food and beautiful sunset. You can prepare your kite to fly there and stroll along the beach. This beach is easily accessible, the beach is a few steps away from the roadside so you can just park your car at the roadside then you can have fun! Lutong beach is really a great place to chill and relax with your loved ones, and it is very Instagramable

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