Is there a local event happening near you? Maybe festivals, or holiday celebrations? Football matches, or perhaps, concerts? These events can be such an unintentional lifesaver that helps create a buzz for free in your local community and indirectly bring life to your homestays. But how can you, as an owner, effectively prepare for these local events in Miri? Especially for the guests who are searching for homestays, particularly for these events. In this article by Evernent, as a knowledgeable homestay management company in Miri, there are a few things you can look into to effectively manage your homestay and accommodate your guests based on the local events going around your area.


Watch Out For Special Events

Local celebrations such as Gawai celebrations, Hari Raya and Chinese New Year are some of the main events in Miri which are marked and highlighted in all our calendars. But how would you know if there are any upcoming special events other than the usual festival celebrations? It’s all about following and keeping yourself up-to-date with your local community. Who knows there would be a concert featuring an international celebrity in your area next week – you’ll never know! Stay connected to your local tourism sites, city official websites, or event organizers in your town. Guests usually make plans in advance for any of these events or festivals. Get ahead of them and start planning for your homestay prices, availability, etc before they start doing reservations.


Add A Festive Welcoming Touch

Instead of waiting for the festive air to hit during the events, why not hype your guests up and bring the magic to them before the event? Building up the mood properly can keep your guests on the edge of their seats for the real occasion. And who doesn’t appreciate the extra effort shown to them? Even simple gestures like preparing a welcome basket or a welcome note; to investing in something more such as decorating your homestays – it’s the effort that counts. 


Good Price And Deals All The Way

Doing a little bit of research on the pricing can play a big part in attracting guests to your homestay. That also means you need to compare and contrast your price with other homestay management companies, for instance, in the Miri area. Coming up with an attractive package deal may also be a deciding factor for guests to choosing your homestay. Highlight these extra services and deals as a way to capture your guests. For instance, including a free additional bed (or two) is a catch for big families as well as providing transportation services to the destinated event. Either way, just make sure that it is all within your capacities.


Offer Relevant Information

Providing relevant information about the event and the attractions involved will definitely make it easier for your guests to decide on their stay at your homestay. From dates, time, attractions involved, transportations available, to the weather conditions – these details can help maximize their experience at your homestay. Want to take it a few steps further? Put in good words and promote the events on your social media channels or website. Provide information about your packaged deals and a clear guide on how to book your homestay for the related event. Don’t forget to utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by including particular keywords. These actions not only reach a larger audience in the community but also attract more guests to your homestays.


Provide Kitchen, Laundry Facilities, And Other Necessities

Those who prefer celebrating the special events without going outside or just indoors will most likely consider the amenities provided as the basis of their stay experience. Always consider and adjust based on the type of guests that are staying at your homestay. Are they traveling alone? Is it a big family? Do they attend these events for vacations, or maybe for work purposes? Check the availability and functionality of your kitchen utensils, laundry facilities, and other necessities. Want your guests to create a special memory in your homestay? If you have a backyard, a BBQ grill set is a blessing for families who would like to spend their meals in a small and fun way. 


Safety First

Speaking of BBQ, anything that involves fire can possibly go wrong in thousands of different ways. Your guests might not be familiar with the BBQ grill set provided or maybe it just simply malfunctioned. These unexpected disasters can also strike at any given time, especially while using electrical and gas appliances as well as other amenities; cooking stoves, cooking gas, air-conditioners, or even hairdryers – you just never know. Always remember to check, service, and replace anything that is necessary. The chances of getting into fire accidents, gas leakage, or any other small disasters are low, but never zero. Consider placing one or more fire extinguishers, setting a smoke detector, and providing a mini first aid kit in your homestay. Taking these few simple precautions can make you have one less problem to worry about. It is never wrong to cover your property and protect your guests from any possible worst-case scenarios.


Prioritize Health And Cleanliness

Even though a lot of areas have lifted the ban and restrictions on COVID-19, health and cleanliness issues are still some of the setbacks for some guests to travel and accommodate themselves in places other than their homes. Show them that you prioritize these concerns too. Consider placing a few self-test kits in your homestays or link them to the nearest COVID-19 test site. Since our homestay management company is based in Miri, we suggest following the sanitization and cleaning guide as recommended in the SOP by our MOH. This can at least ease off a little bit of fear from the minds of your guests and convince them to make reservations at your homestay.


All in all, many people will be looking forward to traveling this year since most events will be resumed as usual. Your homestay experience could be the perfect gateway for your guests to get a closer first-hand experience at these local events and festivals. If you successfully plan and manage your homestay for these occasions, you can expect not only monetary rewards but also a fulfilling experience from knowing you’ve put in the effort to serve them only the best. Besides, a satisfied customer means your homestay gets free publicity as long as they put in a good word. So, get ready and scout for any special events coming your way!


If you are in search of someone to effectively manage your properties for you, Evernent is a professional homestay management company in Miri. We are always ready to guide you with our years of relevant experience in the industry through different property management services including property maintenance, tenants management, and more. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!