Your property is an asset which requires proactive and professional management to protect it well. In Miri, you are more difficult to find a property management company with license and experienced manager who is responsive and transparent. All of these might be overwhelming to a first-time buyer who have relatively less information and experience. With this, Evernent as a experienced property management company has come up with these pro tips on how to choose a great property manager or management company.


Look for specialized experience

Property management industry is complex and you should be looking for a property manager who is well aware of the current federal, state and local laws. On top of it, you should also ask for any proven records of their effectively handling the many variables of tenants and homes. You should always make sure that the property management company that you have chosen should be extensively experienced in caring for your type of property. Lastly, you should look for a property manager experienced in taking care of residential property, instead of commercial properties, to manage your residential property well.



Verify professional licenses and certifications

Occasionally, you might be run across some property manager or management company with only one real estate license or some area might require none. However, a competent property manager or management companies will always backup themselves with proper licensing and professional certifications. Hence, always check with your preferred property management company in Miri to see if they own the license and certifications.



Check reviews and references

Google the reviews online! Always make the effort to search the internet and read all of the reviews about the property manager or management company before taking your time to meet up with them. Review pages are a more credible source when comparing multiple companies at once. When speaking to a potential property manager, always make sure to ask for the current client and tenant references, if available. Contact both party to talk about their experiences, whether if the manager are active in responding to owner inquiries or if the tenant’s repair requests addressed quickly.


Examine the property management agreement

The property management agreement outlines the business relationships between you and the property manager, and the roles and responsibilities. Given the seriousness of an agreement, its mandatory that you read it carefully and make the necessary amendments and confirm that it covers all the thing you want before signing it off. A property management agreements usually cover details such as services provided and fees, owner responsibilities, and contract duration and termination clauses. So make sure to read and check carefully on the agreement.


Make sure they have the appropriate insurance

When trying to confirm down with a property management company, always ask if they have appropriate general liability insurance, property casualty insurance, and errors and omissions (E&) policies. Sometimes, your property management agreement might also require you to have sufficient insurance, which is beneficial for your own protection.



Thoroughly evaluating your potential property managers is important, which is why Evernent performs extensive due diligence when examining its providers for property management in Miri.