The Current Necessities: “Self Check-In”

With the occurrence of the current Covid-19 pandemic, the measure of social distancing has been widely encouraged. This means there should also be an alternative to how the guests check in for their Airbnb! Self check-in has also brought more benefits than having a receptionist to do it for you where you have to depend on others to get things done. In light of this, Evernent as a Airbnb Management Company in Miri will tell you why you should implement self check-in at your airbnb.


5 reasons Why You Should Offer Self Check-in


Saves Your Time

It has always been thought that in-person check-in has already been made as quick and comfortable as possible. However, the amount of time and energy sunk into the process is surprisingly intense. The time which goes to communicating with the receptionist on coordinating the guest’s arrival which can become a long hours discussion about the plane delays, traffic jams and even revised ETAs. While the guests are usually the one who feel bad for these messages, you’ll also need to spend more time with them as well as the time and their needs before and after the check in. All these reasons could simply be resolved with the utilisation of self check-in. 


Less Stressful For Your Guest

Most people adore meeting the Airbnb’s host and each guest has a reason for their decision on choosing your Airbnb. Of all times, the most memorable conversation guests would have will always occur during the course of their stay and not at the moment of their arrival. Instead, the check-in days are the travel days and it can be unpredictable and stressful.  It might also not be a great time to meet each other especially after a tiring day and your guest might be stiff and not in the perfect state to have a chat. A self check-in system at this instant would feel like a godsend.


Allows Guest To Explore

Just like most people, we would feel more at ease and comfortable around our friends and family than the selected Airbnb’s host who is a complete stranger to the guest. With this said, it is completely understandable that the guest would react differently when alone and when the Airbnb’s host is around. At this instance, self check-in could give your guest the privacy they needed when exploring the property and react authentically to their temporary home with their companions. Often, the first few moments right after arriving at the homestay would feel like a treasure hunt.


Step Towards The Business Travel Ready Badge

A room with quick and efficient check in such as self check-in as well as fast internet and a laptop friendly workspace is one of the most important requirements which businessmen take into consideration before booking the place. This can set your property or room apart from others and the advantage of self check-in will extend to all your guests. This can also improve your Airbnb management in Miri by provide you the flexibility to accept same-day requests with greater ease and you can also manage the property’s housekeeping with ease. 


Demonstrates Your Trust

That instance when you accepted their request will be the time when you trust your guest. Once you have accepted their reservations, it’s also time to give each guest the benefit of the doubt. By allowing them to self check-in, not only are you creating a less stressful arrival for them, you’re demonstrating your confidence that they’ll take care of your space. The reason for meeting your guest is to provide hospitality and get to know them instead of inspecting them. 


I believe that now you acknowledge the benefits of self check-in at your Airbnb, you may start to look into this and who knows? Maybe this could be your type of check in too!