Undecided whether you need a property management company and their services? Let’s start with an example. If you own a property in Miri and you are working in another state or country, how can you manage your property and ensure that your property is always in good condition? The moment you can’t manage your property effectively is the reason why you should engage for a property management company. Generally, these companies provide a wide range of property management services from marketing, advertising, tenant management to renovation. They have responsibility to make sure their managed properties are in good condition, and at the same time, suitable and have reasonable prices for tenants. Evernent as a professional property management company based in Miri, Sarawak has summarised 3 major property management services offered by all of the property management companies in Miri.


What Are The Offered Property Management Services In Miri?

Regular Property Maintenance

Property management companies have the responsibility to do the monthly inspection and routine maintenance to ensure that the managed properties are good to go and reduce the occurrence of emergency cases. Besides, when you hire a property agent, tenants will contact your property agent when they face issues such as pipe breakage, malfunction of washing machine, blockage of toilet etc. At this time, a property agent can reduce your burden since you don’t have to deal with tenants 24/7.



Market The Property

Property management companies always know how to market your property correctly. Before your property is ready for rent, the property agent will clean, repair and renovate your property accordingly. After that, they will take some attractive photos of your property to advertise it on offline and online platforms such as print publications (newspapers), facebook,  etc. This process could be time consuming if you are doing this by yourself. However with the aid of property agents and their networking, it is a high possibility that your property will be rented out as soon as possible.



Tenant Screening And Selection

Tenant screening is one of the most important services offered by property management companies. As a property owner, you are hoping that your tenants are respectful, reliable and responsible. This is the reason why this step is crucial for you. During the tenant screening process, property agents will perform a background check such as credit history, employment history, renting history and also to verify their identity. This can ensure that the tenants are fit to your requirements and preferences. After you have chosen your tenant, the property agent will handle the remaining tasks such as signing a contract and collecting deposits.



Why Is This Important?

After reading the above article, you may still think: Well, so what’s the importance for these property management services? One of the important and major reasons to get these services is time saving and convenience. You can just sit down and relax while having others manage your property for you and you can take full responsibilities on other jobs. 

Another importance is getting more quality tenants since there is a tenant screening process. A reliable and respectful tenant will take good care of your property and hence, the cost of your property maintenance can be reduced! 

Since you are hoping that the rented property can contribute to your passive income, a short vacant period will be great for you. Property management companies are able to help you with this by advertising your property on different offline and online platforms. With their networking, tenant recruitment processes will be sped up to fill the vacant units.



In conclusion, engaging with the help of a property management company is a great idea if you are unable to manage it effectively. With their offered services, you can have your vacant units to be taken care of and filled by tenants while enjoying your life and getting some passive incomes. However, you need to spend some time doing research on these companies before you leave your asset in their hands.

Last but not least,  if you have a vacant unit and want to rent out or let go in Miri, Evernent is always ready to serve you. We offered property management services such as management, marketing etc in Miri.