Off-peak season is always a persistent challenge for the hospitality and tourism industry. It doesn’t matter if you own a hotel or a homestay, low occupancy rate during off-peak season truly stresses you out. In this article, Evernent , a company which is experienced in property management in Miri is going to show you some sure winning tips to increase the room occupancy rate during off-peak season.


Target the right market

Always make sure that your property targets the right market by collecting and analyzing your guest records regularly. By understanding your property and the market well, you can increase the occupancy rate by targeting the right market. For example, if your property is located near to a university, you can target undergraduates originating from other states. They usually need to rent a room or whole property for a long period. If your property is surrounded by tourists’ spots, you can target travellers who need to stay over for a few days. If your property is in a commercial centre, business travellers are your targeted market. Hence, spend your time and do your market analysis to target the right market.


Design your packages and promotions

After you have determined your right market, design some packages and promotions for the specific market. Since different guests will have different requirements and expectations for your property, you can customize some packages according to their criterias. For example, their income group, profession, cultural background etc are some important criterias they will take into consideration when looking for a property to stay on. But always remember to design packages and promotions that are still profitable to you, as your major intention to increase room occupancy is to earn profits.


Increase repeat guests

Repeat guests are a crucial factor in increasing your room occupancy rate. You can run some loyalty programs for them to feel exclusive to choose your property. For example, you can send personal emails by offering them reward points, family member deals and loyalty discounts during off peak season to grab their attention. Another best way to increase repeat guests is by providing them the best in house experiences and services. The more the guests feel cosy during their stay, the higher chance they will revisit for your property. 


Utilize the free spaces for other purposes

A lot of spaces in your property are not being used during off peak season. Hence, you can offer some different promotions to boost the occupancy rate. For example, you can offer birthday decoration for guests when they check in during off peak season. You can also offer your garden or swimming pool for parties and weddings since outdoor weddings and pool parties are getting popular in Malaysia. A very high chance that the guests who attend for the events will boost your room occupancy rate as they will need a place to rest after that.


Partner with corporates

Tie up with corporates is an effective way to increase room occupancy during off peak season especially when your targeted market is business travellers. Since tourist agencies will always hold some group tours, partnering with tourist agencies such as Miri Borneo Travel Agencies Sdn Bhd, and KKM Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd will be a great action too. By having multiple sources of reservations, the chance of rooms being occupied can be increased.


In conclusion, there are many ways to increase room occupancy during off peak season. However, it has never been easy to manage a property without paying efforts. Do your market analysis, plan out some marketing strategies according to your analysis, and work it out.


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