The homestay checkout process is one of the most important aspects when listing your homestay on OTA platforms such as Airbnb and It ensures that guests know what they can expect at end-of-stay and will have a smooth experience while vacationing in town. So, it should be straightforward with no confusion or obstacles for their ease. However, you should make sure that the checkout rules work for you, the property owner, and your guests. It is all about finding a sweet spot between making your guests’ vacations amazing and making your management tasks easier. In this article, Evernent as an experienced homestay management company in Miri will guide you through the importance of checkout instructions and what you should include in it.


Importance Of Checkout Instuctions In Homestay Management

Some people will be thinking why are checkout instructions so important in Homestay Management? So, there are 2 importance of checkout instructions.

To Encourage The guests To Leave The Property As They Stay In

Although you as an owner rent the property out as a homestay for guests to stay, you still will be annoyed by the guests if they leave the homestay in a mess. In order to make your task as a housekeeper easier, we should leave clear checkout instructions for them. This allows your guests to understand what you expect from them.


Show Your Commitment To Quality Customer Service

Besides, leaving a clear checkout instructions can reflect that you are providing a personalized and unique experience to all guests. It shows that you are committed to make sure the homestay is always in the best condition for guests and care about the homestay.  


What To Include In Homestay Checkout Instructions?

Basically, you just need to include checkout time, some reminders, key returning instructions and some farewell wishes. 

Checkout Time

Checkout time is one of the most important parts in checkout instruction. By outlining it in the checkout instructions, you can ensure the guests are not staying past the checkout time. Hence, the housekeeper will have enough time to clean the homestay. This is especially important when the bookings are packed. To strictly enforce it, you may set a late checkout fee and the guests will be aware of the checkout time.



Although it is common sense to switch off the lights and air conditioners before leaving a homestay, you should always list them out in the checkout instructions too. Some of the people may forget about it when they are in a rush for flight or bus. So, remind the guests to switch off the lights and air conditioners, make sure that the kitchen appliances are not in use, close and lock all the windows and doors. If you still worry about the issues, you may want to consider setting a penalty fee. 


Food Disposal

The guests always will buy some local snacks or cuisines when they travel somewhere else. They might want to have a bite during night time or in the morning. Hence, it is common that they will store some food in the fridge and oftentimes they will forget to dispose of the food before leaving. To avoid this, remind them to dispose of any food they brought with them before leaving.


Returning Keys

Returning the keys to owners is the most important part in this checkout instruction. With clear instruction, miscommunication can be avoided and the key returning process will be hassle free. However, if you worry that physical keys are the things that you concern a lot, you can install a digital lock instead. 


In conclusion, checkout is also a key part of the guest experience. Leaving a clear checkout instructions can help them trouble-free and worries-free. If you can, go the extra mile. Travel days sometimes can be stressful for some guests. Consider the ways you can ease their anxiety. For instance, homestay owners can offer to help with airport arrangements or  provide a space for guests to leave their bags for a few hours while they explore the city. These gestures certainly aren’t the norm, and no guest will be expecting them but if you’re able to go above and beyond, it’s just one more way you can wow your guests and leave a good review on your homestay.


If you want to be hassle-free from homestay management in Miri, we are always ready to help you. Evernent is an experienced homestay management company in Miri, providing different property management services including tenants management, property maintenance and more. Do not hesitate to reach us out if you have any questions.