You may think that being a successful Airbnb host means that securing new guests to your Airbnb. However, being a successful host actually means that you are securing new guests and returning guests at the same time. You may wonder how to do it. In fact, sending a heartwarming welcome letter is one of the easiest ways to achieve it. In this article, Evernent as an experienced Airbnb management company in Miri will tell you how a welcome letter can make your Airbnb become a hot selling unit! Let’s find out together!


What Is An Airbnb Welcome Letter?

An Airbnb welcome letter is a brief message you leave for your guests to welcome their arrival. It is usually informative and covers a wide range of topics regarding your Airbnb. It could be certain important reminders (days to clean trash), information on how to use certain appliances or some must-visit cafe in the local neighbourhood.


When Is The Best Timing To Send It?

There are several best times to send this Airbnb welcome letter to your guests. First is to send it when the booking is made and iIt is usually an automated message. Another best time is to send it closer to the guests arrival time, which is around 3-5 days before guests’ check-in day.


Why is the Airbnb welcome letter so important?

Airbnb welcome letters can let your guests feel that you as the host are ready to help them all the time. The guests will feel like home and more comfortable to deal with an approachable host. And of course, the guests who truly enjoy their stay in your Airbnb are more likely to leave good reviews and recommend your Airbnb to their friends and family. Hence, Airbnb welcome letters are one of the simple yet reliable methods in Airbnb management in Miri.


What to include in the Airbnb welcome letter?

Personal Greeting

Start your Airbnb welcome letter with a short greeting to your guests to let them feel warm. Tell them a little about yourself so that they are more secure to stay in your Airbnb.


Write down your Airbnb exact address or add in google map link. This can help your guests in finding the place correctly using Google map or Waze.

Parking Instructions

Most of the guests drive to their destination or rent a car in the airport. Hence, parking is one of their major concerns. Tell them parking instructions, where they can park, do not block trash bins etc.

Key Handover Or Keyless Entry Instruction

If you choose to handover the key person in person, you can tell your guest to call or text you upon their arrival. If you prefer a keyless entry method such as smart lock, you will need to write down the dropbox location, how they can open the dropbox, password for smart lock etc.


Always include your Wifi password and username


Write down the location of the user manual for electronic appliances, in case your guests are not so sure how to operate them.

Things To Do

Tell your guest some of the must visit place in local neighbourhood or some must try local food.

House Rule

This is the most important part in the welcome letter. Recap or write down more house rule details for your good. For example, no party in the house, pets and smoking are not allowed, when is the check out time and quiet time etc.

Contact Information

Leave your contact information so that your guests can reach you easily when they are in trouble. Remember to include emergency contact information such as address and contact number for police station, fire station and ambulance .


What tool can assist you in creating an Airbnb welcome letter?


Canva is a graphic design platform that offers different graphic design tools and multiple templates for social media graphics, presentation, documents and other visual content. This platform is free to use, but you are welcome to subscribe to it to unlock more premium features.


Good Airbnb management is crucial for better guest experience, where sending an Airbnb welcome letter to your guests is the easiest way to achieve it. Make it as personal as possible and share something about yourself. This can show that you value them as a guest and appreciate their trust in choosing you! However, if you are too stressed in managing Airbnb in Miri, you can always get a trustable Airbnb management company in Miri to do that for you.