Each state in Malaysia has their very own unique culture and delicacies which each tourist should get the chance to experience and taste. For today’s blog, we will bring you with us to each of the restaurants which you should definitely pay a visit. 


Kent’s Garden

When you’re at Kent’s Garden you should definitely try their whole roasted lamb or also known as golek kambing on the last Friday of each month (usually). Now you may be thinking that you could miss this chance as you’re not visiting the city at the end of the month. Worry not! You could still taste their juicy and tender lamb shank. You could also try their dishes such as lamb chop and salmon steak from the Western menu or Kent’s KT (Kueh Tiaw) and pineapple fried rice from the Asian Menu. 


Ming Cafe Miri Borneo 

This business has a restaurant and a bistro like environment as one side is an enclosed air-conditioned dining space and the other is an open space where you can dine and enjoy the invigorating atmosphere by the end of the day. The specialty dish which you can find here is the lalapan pork or also known as pork belly rice. Their pizza also goes well together with a glass of chilled carbonated drinks.


Asian Nasi Kandar

While indian cuisine is not specifically known as a local delicacy, this indian restaurant serves their nasi briyani in a very traditional way, and that is cooking them in a bamboo! Of all the indian restaurants found in Miri, this is by far one of the few shops found to be taking the extra effort and trying their best to serve their nasi briyani in the most authentic way. Some of the flavours which can be found is their nasi briyani bamboo-ayam and lamb. 

爱上中国菜 I Love Chinese Food

Unlike other restaurants, this restaurant specializes in authentic SzeChuan/SiChuan delicacies, providing a different type of spiciness compared to the local sambal taste. You should definitely get your hands on all the different varieties as each of them are their own unique. But of course, you could pick some which fits your taste palate better first such as if you’re not that good in taking spicy food perhaps you could try their 蒜香排骨 (garlic rib), and some other similar dishes, which are very low in spiciness. 

So here are some of the restaurants which are unique and you should definitely try out when you visit the city. Be sure to enjoy yourself and hope you have a great time in the city.