Starting up your Airbnb business and spending too much on renovation? So, are you planning to cut your budget for amenities in your Airbnb? You may think that amenities are not important at all. In fact, amenities provided in your Airbnb play a role in securing returning guests by enhancing their experience during their stay! When guests are searching for Airbnb online, they always look for those with more amenities for their convenience. In this article, Evernent as an experienced Airbnb management company in Miri will show you a Airbnb amenities checklist to set your Airbnb apart from your competitors.


24 Hours Check In

This can be simply done by automated check in systems such as smartlock, lockbox, keyless entry etc. 24 hours check in is favourable by guests as they don’t have to adjust their travel plan for check in.



SInce everyone is having at least one smart gadget on their hand, technology and digital accessibility are very crucial in life. Your guests would expect that Wifi is part of the amenities.


Welcome Basket

Preparing a welcome basket that includes your welcome letter, postcard, some local snacks and candies is a great idea to impress your guests.


Cable TV/ Streaming Service

Cable TV or streaming service can enhance guests’ experience by allowing them to access Netflix especially during bad weather where your guests are unable to visit any attractions.



Other than tv, books are another great choice to keep your guests entertained during a rainy day too. You can prepare novels, literature or even comics for kids, youngsters or elders.


Nintendo Switch or PS

Big family with kids will be excited if they can play a game console during their stay. 


Local maps/ guidebooks 

Put some local maps or guidebooks in your Airbnb so that your guests can have some ideas of what to visit around here. You also can leave some must visit cafe’s card there so that your guests know what to try.


Electrical charges and adapter

It’s very common that guests forget to bring their electrical charges and adapters during their travels. Preparing a set of electrical charges with different cable types and adapter can solve their great urgent and immediate demand.



Stock up your fridge with some beverages, such as juices, coffee, alcoholic beverages. You can ask your guests if they need any special supplies in advance to make them feel like home.


Kitchen Appliances

Prepare some simple kitchen appliances such as rice cooker, kettle, pan, microwave oven, coffee maker, electric conductor etc so that your guests can cook some simple breakfast or supper. Other than that, you also can prepare knives, bottle opener, serving platters, fork and spoon, glass etc.


Basic Seasonings

Get some basic seasonings such as salt, black pepper, sugar, spices and cooking oil to ease their cooking process.



The most basic toiletries you can offer to your guests are toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, body wash and body lotions.



Most of the guests will expect that towels are provided for their use. White and fluffy towels can let your guests feel clean.



Attach a hairdryer to the wall of each bathroom. Your guests will appreciate that they do not need to carry wet and bulky hair during their visit.


Above are the amenities checklist for common space, kitchen and bathroom. Ultimately, the amenities provided depend on you and your Airbnb location. For example, if your Airbnb is near the beach, you can prepare a picnic basket, extra towels, sunscreen etc to impress your guests. By doing so, you will need to check your Airbnb each time your guests check out and before check in. If you are a busy person to handle this kind of management and your Airbnb is in Miri, you can get a reliable Airbnb management company to do that for you. And we are ready to help you!