Purchasing a home which is big enough to give room to each of your kids is every parents’ dream. But what happens when your kids have grown up and decided to move out? Do you sell your property off and purchase another one or should you just stay at the current property? Well, if you’re one of those who’s suffering from this malady, there is a rather interesting solution to your problems! Did you know that you can meet new people just by opening your doors to friendly visitors and earn extra income at the same time? A catching trend which is already very much well-known in miri is to turn your property into a homestay! The number one driving factor of this interest is due to the increasing number of foreign visitors to our country who are looking to soak up our culture and languages by being one with our family. So how do you turn your home into a warm and friendly welcoming spot to captivated foreigners looking to soak themselves in our unique Malaysian culture? In this blog, Evernent as a homestay management company in Miri will show you some tips to help you get started.


Step 1: Advertise 

Once you have decided to turn your house into a homestay, you will need to search for a reliable online third party to help you advertise or market your room for rent. Amongst the more well-known and preferred homestay rental websites out there are Airbnb, Agoda or you could also look for a homestay management company in Miri to help you manage and rent your homestay. 


Step 2: Create Your Account & Profile

Upon following the steps on the respective sites to open up your account, it is also advisable for you to fill up everything that the website or platform requires of you such as the various contact information like email addresses, phone numbers or any other contact details. The more complete your profile is, the more trustable you are perceived by the renters. 


Step 3: Take Numerous High Quality Photos

Photos play a very important role for renters and it is often the decision making factor when it comes to choosing the venue. As such, always ensure to post high quality photos of various parts of your home, especially the room, bathroom and each and every part of the house which is open for the guest to use. If you have a garden, make sure to also take care of it and take nice photos of it and the exterior of your home as well to give prospective visitors a good idea of what they are getting. Or, if your homestay is a condominium or apartment, you should also make sure that you take great photos of the available facilities which your future renters would take interest in. The Barbecue pit and swimming pool are the most popular amongst all the facilities especially when they are next to each other. 

Well if you aren’t good at photography, you may hire someone to do it for you. If you are listing your homestay on Airbnb, you may apply or make an appointment with their photographer. If you are letting a homestay management company in Miri take care of your homestay for you, you may also request them to do so for you. 


Step 4: Tell Your Guest What They Are Getting

When you are describing your homestay about the things which you will be providing to your renters. Make sure you are transparent about all the details with your renters such as is there any internet or WiFi provided or what type of electronics your homestay provides such as is there any microwave, refrigerator or kitchen appliances? Will your renters be able to use all the appliances present in the space? You could also have someone to help you with this copywriting to make your listing more fun and creative while still providing all the necessary information.


Step 5: Lay Down the Ground Rules

Ground rules are usually very subjective to owners but there are still some common tips which may not occur to you but you could still put down:

  • Halal/ Non-halal: If you are a Muslim, you may want to state clearly in your ads or property listing that only Halal food is allowed within your property just in case the renter of your homestay ignorantly decides to bring in some non-halal food. 
  • No smoking: If your entire family doesn’t smoke, you might overlook this rule and miss it while you’re putting up your ads. 
  • No drugs: This should be an obvious ground rule but it may not be as some drugs such as weed are actually legal in Malaysia.
  • No extra visitors and pets.  

Other rules to remember should be the ‘Check In’ and ‘Check Out’ times which are crucial and very basic. You could also set a ‘non-refundable’ clause in your booking just in case your guest decided to go missed on action on his day of arrival. You should also set another rule which affects the booking price would be having a different additional price or charges for additional mattress or late check-out.


Step 6: Screen Your Guests Upon Application

While some third party websites may help you in the screening process, it is always advisable to screen potential guests yourself to better know your guests and what they are up to while in the area. It is always advisable to ask for: 

  • Number of guests
  • Is it a group of family or friends coming over 
  • Purpose of stay 
  • Photocopy of IC/ passport or any valid national ID upon check-in. (By doing so can help you to detect any illegal activity being carried out in the house).


With this, you are good to go. Even though these steps seem difficult, it is not as difficult but just a little troublesome. However, once you have got all the steps done, you can just sit back and relax while waiting for the email to inform you that you have an upcoming guest!