Miri is one of the most vibrant cities in Sarawak, well known for places for recreation and sightseeing. It has multiple parks which are free for entry and you can spend a long time over there and will not get tired of those places. And hence, Evernent (a property management company in Miri) will bring you on a virtual tour around Miri.


Coco Cabana

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Miri is well- known for its landscape. The land where Coco Cabana was located was initially nothing other than blue sea. A land reclamation was done prior to the development of Coco Cabana. The Coco Cabana does not charge for entry fee. There are tricycles for rent where the visitors can ride the tricycles around in group. Moreover, there is a chalet located at the middle where events are usually held. At the end of Coco Cabana, there are places where the visitors can enjoy the sea breeze as well as the beautiful and endless sea where barges will come across often while enjoying the food and drinks sold by the local hawkers.


Miri Central Park

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Miri Central Park, just like the Coco Cabana, is also a reclaimed land. It is located right beside Coco Cabana, making this area one of the most crowded and popular place to visit in Miri. It combines the idea of park and landscaping, forming a multipurpose park. Where in this park you can exercise, relax, picnic or even sightseeing. Moreover, it is located right beside the sea, so you can always enjoy the beauty of the sea while exercising.


Canada Hill

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One of the landmarks in Miri, the Canada Hill also known as Grand Old Lady, used to be a place where the British extract the petrol. Now is a place famous for hiking and jogging. This place is usually crowded with people at all time. There are a number of routes for hiking and you will not get bored of the tracks because you always change the hiking route. There are also stalls who sell fresh coconut to hydrate the people who just finished their hiking or jogging.


Bulatan Park

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Bulatan Park is the most famous place for jogging in Miri. Sometimes, you can also see a bunch of people practicing taichi or other martial art over here. But mostly, people come here for jogging. There is also a mini park for people to workout or for the kids to play. At the center of bulatan park, there is a lake where there are a number of fish in it. You can purchase bread or the fish feed and enjoy the scene of a flood of fish coming to u for food.


Miri City Fan Recreation Park

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Miri City Fan Recreation Park is one of the oldest and biggest park in Miri. The park was initially built for recreation use. However, the water fountain has malfunction and could not serve as entertainment purpose anymore. Nowadays, this park is usually for the people to go for a walk, jogging and exercise. There are also a number of people practicing martial art over there due to being spacious and surrounded by trees and plants making this place refreshing.


Miri Public Park

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Miri Public Park, a place where you can spend your whole day in Miri. It has couple of suspension bridges for u to enjoy the scene from top. At the end of the suspension bridge, there are two play grounds. One is water playground and another one is land playground. If you are 12 years old and below, you are welcomed to this water playground. However, if you are over 12 years old, worry not, there is also a land playground for u to have fun. After you have enough fun from the playgrounds, you can get changed, washed and head back to the top for food. There are a number of food stalls on top selling various of food. The food over there are also top notched in Miri.