As the world is slowly getting back on its feet, most of us have to re-learn how things used to be since our movement was limited during the pandemic. For certain people, this halt affected them so badly that they’ve forgotten what people usually do at the beach. Or maybe, they’ve never had the chance to go to the beach. If you are one of those people mentioned above, just head to any beach in Miri! There are a plethora of activities you can do, either by yourself or with your loved ones.



Introduction to Miri Beach

Miri is a Malaysian city in the state of Sarawak. Stretched along the northwest coast of Borneo island, a large part of Miri’s major attraction is its breathtaking beach view spread among multiple locations.

Some of the honourable mentions of Miri’s top beach locations are the Tanjong Lobang Beach (Brighton Beach); the oldest recreation beach park in Miri, Tusan Beach; known for its sparkling bioluminescent, and the Lutong Beach; currently popular with paramotor flyers and beach visitors. You can find out more about these 3 beach locations by reading our article “Top 3 Miri Beaches That Are Worth Visiting”.

If you’re in need of a list of things to do for your first ever visit, or probably your first visit after the pandemic (or probably it’s your bazillion times visiting and you just have no idea of what else to do), here are a few things you can do at any of the beaches in Miri, from the most effort required to the least effort required:


1. Beach BBQ

There’s nothing more exciting than a beach BBQ. In Miri, Tanjong Lobang beach is one of the beaches that provide BBQ pits for this reason. You just have to prepare your own pre-marinated meat and other food items to be thrown on the grill, BBQ tools, chairs and other preparations to get it started. 

Although it sounds like a hassle, it’s definitely worth the enjoyment from the quality time spent with your family and friends. Just remember to BBQ at the beach in a responsible manner and clean up after.


2. Building Sandcastle

Building a sandcastle is a classic and timeless activity to do at the beach. However, more beach visitors are getting lazier to build sandcastles since effort is needed in building one. Plus, the mess from the whole process is inevitable. 

But there’s nothing wrong with unleashing your creativity and seeking joy from it. All you require is wet sand (which is obviously everywhere at the beach), a beach shovel and a bucket. If you’re feeling a little extra, you can find some carving tools – a bread knife or anything with a thin blade and straight edge would do. 

And your sandcastle doesn’t have to be perfect or extremely breathtaking. Just have fun building it! Plus, building a sandcastle is also a great way to bond with your family members or friends who are also building the sandcastle with you.


3. Picnic

With such a scenic view, no one in their right mind would pass the opportunity for a picnic at the beach. Remember to pack up some easy-to-eat food like sandwiches, wraps or snacks in your picnic basket. 

Also, a portable drink cooler can come in handy too for your cold beverages. If you don’t have time to prepare or impulsively decided to go to the beach, there’s nothing to be concerned about. There are many stalls at any Miri beach selling mouth-watering food and beverages. 

Don’t forget your picnic mat or maybe chairs as well! These items are essential in keeping your food and you from the sand. Yet, you still have to watch out for the windy day! Since these items are yours and a beach is a public place, remember to clean up after your mess and keep the area spotless.


4. Photography

It’s expected that anyone who visited the beach would wish to treasure the moment beyond their visit. So, most people take photos of the beautiful beach view to share it with their family, friends and loved ones. 

Whether you’re a skilful photographer or someone who’s never taken any good photos before, you never have to worry about ruining your beach photos. The beaches in Miri are just too picturesque to appear ugly in the photos. 

Especially during the “golden hours”, when the sun is about to set and the sky is getting redder and softer as the sun slowly sinks beneath the horizon. It is undoubtedly the perfect time to take a photo at the beach. 


5. Blowing Bubbles

Who said blowing bubbles is just for kids? There’s nothing more magical than walking by the shoreline while being surrounded by bubbles! If you were to visit Coco Cabana near the sunset, you’ll feel like being brought back to your childhood. 

The place is basically filled with bubbles everywhere! So, grab this chance to spend a few ringgit on buying the bubble bottle (don’t worry, they’re sold everywhere at the beach you’re visiting!) and blow some bubbles. 

Or actually, the wonderful windy day at Miri beach will automatically blow the bubbles for you. Either way, bring out the inner child in you and blow the bubbles!


6. Watching Sunset

Photo credit: zol latiff

Sunsets at the beach are romantic and Instagram-worthy. There’s nothing as astonishing and yet at the same time, calming and personal, as watching the sunsets. As the ocean gets orange-er and darker, reflecting the disappearing sun, everything in life feels great.

And newsflash – beaches in Miri have always provided us with a marvellous view of this sacred natural occurrence. Find a perfect spot to sit while watching the sunset and set your camera up to capture the scene. But guess what, the view of sunrise is equally amazing at any Miri beach!



Staying Overnight

Regardless of what your plans are, just have fun at the beach! But if you’re thinking of all the fun with an overnight stay, Evernent provides a few units that are close to beach areas. We have The Wharf and The Times Square units – which are close to Coco Cabana, as well as The Bay Resort – which is close to Tanjung Lobang Beach. Feel free to contact us for more information!