Welcome Inn is situated at Pelita Commercial Centre. Pelita Commercial Center is a commercial area located at Jalan Miri-Pujut and Jalan Sehati. This commercial area has become a popular entertainment hub at night and high-traffic commercial retail center with many types of businesses, including bakeries, multiple large hotels, supermarkets, bookstores, gift shops and cafés, restaurants, coffeeshops. Most importantly that it is all near to Welcome Inn! Just a walking distance.


Oh, the convenience of having everything you need a stone’s throw away! The advantages of living near a commercial zone couldn’t be understated. The area is forever active and full of adventure, and gives you a slice of the fast life, especially if you’re a young individual with dreams of a dynamic, high-powered lifestyle! Restaurants? Check. Late-night food hunt? Check. Convenience stores? Double check. Living in proximity to a bustling commercial zone means your daily life is as sorted as it can be.


Wide Selection Of Food Choices

Let’s shed some light on how choosing Welcome Inn as your preferred stay near a commercial hub can mean unlimited benefits for you! The first reason why you should stay in Welcome Inn is that it is popular in the early morning for early breakfast as there are coffeeshops and eatery outlets that operate early morning, and yet at night it is popular as well with entertainment and karaoke outlets that operate during the evening. Pelita Commercial Centre offers a wide selection of food choices from dim sum for breakfast, local food for lunch to western or seafood delicacies for dinner. For only 10 minutes’ walk from the Inn.


Bakeries & Cafes

Not to forgot those who has a sweet tooth and love café hopping, Pelita Commercial Centre has one of Miri’s best and famous bakeries and a new café that has a soft Korean look which is highly recommended. We strongly recommend trying all the delicious pastries there, it’s always having long queues to even going inside to get them! During the night, You’re in for the treat! If you’re feeling having a drink or a place to chill at night with your friends, Pelita also have some local bars buzzing with excitement which will spice up your night with your vacation buddy!



Just right below Welcome Inn is a 7-Eleven convenience store! It is ready to satisfy your late-night snack cravings or essential needs. If you can’t find what you need in 7-11, you can find it in Servay Hypermarket. Anything from fresh groceries, clothes to stationaries can be found there. During this critical time of the pandemic period, there is also a pharmacy close by for all your medical or essential needs if you need to restock your mask or sanitizers. We should follow all requirements and recommendations at each location during travel, including wearing a well-fitting mask and following recommendations for protecting yourself and others. This way, you never have to travel far to get a taste of the “good life”, as you have everything high-end at arm’s length.


Banks Nearby

We all went through that feeling where we suddenly just used up all our money and couldn’t find the nearest ATM as we’re not familiar with the city. Fred not another plus point is that you won’t also need to worry about running out of cash for all the delicious food or activities in Pelita Commercial Area because there’s three banks that have your back during your stay at Welcome Inn. When we say it’s convenient, we are not joking, as these three banks are all walking distance from Welcome Inn.


24 Hours Check In

Lastly, Welcome Inn offers 24 hours check in service. Which is so convenient! While you’re in the city, just take every single advantage of the opportunity to explore Miri. Booking your stay with Welcome Inn is easy! Book your stay with us on Agoda, Booking.com or Airbnb. Rooms don’t get much cheaper than here, Welcome Inn provides the best rates in the area.