Are you thinking of starting a homestay management in Miri? Here are some tips on how you can succeed:

First Impressions

The first impression of homestay hosts is very important, so take note of your friendliness and responsibility. Hosts need to be able to treat the guests like how they wanted to be treated and try to fulfill all the guest problems and satisfaction quickly with the standard. This will create a better relationship between the guest and the host. With the best impression, it will increase the chances of guests decide to chose your stay over other’s stay. 

Cleanliness and Maintenance

Having a clean and well maintain homestay is what most of the guests looking for as the most basic requirement. It is like can you accept a room with good design but very dirty and nasty?  So make sure that everything is in a good condition when you hand the key to the guest. For example, check whether the taps, aircon, and other electronics are working just fine, bedsheets and towels washed after every stay, even the very small details like the cleanliness of the mirror and is there any rubbish under the bed. How clean is your homestay means how professional you are. All these small details play a huge part in ensuring a comfortable stay and increasing the chance of the tenants coming back during their next trip.

Provide necessary amenities

Being an attentive host is a plus point for your homestay business, try to prepare necessary amenities for your guest let them know you are very happy to have them because you are making sure that they will have their best stay at your place. You can provide necessities like bath towels, toiletries, and even extra toilet rolls. The top equipment every guest looking for is a Wifi connection, try to invest in a better internet connection this will also increase the chances of beating others competitors. Nowadays, people will book a homestay for throwing a party so considering invest things like bbq equipment, board games, mahjong table and others that can entertain is a good idea too.  

Installing a Lockbox or Smart lock

There is always have an unexpected situation like guests are late or arrive early, to save the host’s time, the host should consider installing a smart lock or lockbox. Imagine if do not have the smart lock or lockbox, the host needs to wait for the guests or even need to go earlier than the time they booked. After installing, guests can just check in themselves into their homestay. 

Now that you’ve got some idea on homestay management in Miri, it’s time to get things started!

You can also get in touch with us to know more about how you can expand your homestay business. Our team at Evernent is experienced in the homestay industry in Miri and we offer homestay management services for both long and short-term rentals.



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